Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An Ode to HWY Truckers!

A trucker is a paradox.
He is a blue jeaned executive with his office in a cab.
He is a scientist who hauls dangerous chemicals and explosives;
a purchasing agent in a baseball cap;
a personnel director with grease under his fingernails;
with a fondness for burgers and fries, steak and potatoes'
a student of geography
and a weather watcher who reads the clouds for rain or snow.

He likes sunshine, smooth pavement,
good traction, clean loads, dinner at home,
weekends with his family, his shirt collar unbuttoned
and country music. And there is a special place
in his heart for his rig.

He's not too fond of city traffic, tourists,
or rotten drivers, fuel prices, dispatchers,
snarly receivers, rubber neckers,
kids in high-powered cars or drunk drivers.

Nobody else gets as much satisfaction out of
talking about trucks, truckers, gear shifting,
good weather, homemade pie, strong hot coffee,
kids, wives, sweethearts and the price of diesel.

He is your friend and your customer.
He is your source of food, building products,
clothing, petroleum, natural resources, in fact,
nearly everything in your life arrived in his truck."

At first I was scared of the rushing, angry trucks that passed me along the Trans Canada and when I was out there running on the shoulder I received looks of shock, frustration and facial expression that seemed to say, "what, are you mad? get off my road!" Then, I decided to just run with my head down, lost in thought and surrounded by the beauty and expanse of the prairies... not always the safest way to run on the highway. Finally, I came to a better and more peaceful solution when I discovered that I just needed a shift in perspective. And I started to realize that the truckers love the road as much as me, long for the freedom, silence and glory of a never ending road ahead. They also have deadlines and loved ones waiting for them at home. And thus, began my sweet embrace with truckers (from afar); the trucker wave! I often notice them giving other truckers a nod or a wave and I decided that now that I am a runner of the road I too can give and receive the supportive wave!

I went for a 15 km run with Wayne a few days ago, and what better day to start my waving project! We waved and smiled, threw a bunch of peace signs out to the guys behind the big rigs and watched the smiles and enthusiastic waves roll our way! Let the joyful, roaring, honking game begin. One by one we enticed trucks of all different shapes and sizes to let their horns shine! We laughed and waved and ran our little hearts out that day with an extra spring in our step and a renewed respect for our fellow warriors of the road!

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Anf said...

Perception is projection. I love the photos and wholeheartedly agree - when we shift our thoughts oddly enough our reality shifts too!